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Important Information on Electricity Bills for Residential Tariff

Q1: How can I know electricity consumption?

A1: by taking a meter read and comparing it with the last read in your previous bill

Q2: In case the meter read is delayed (more than a month), Am I going to get my bill on one month slabs calculation?

A2: No. In this case, the calculation will be based on consumption days, example ( a reading for two months will incur a calculation of 6000 KWs for 10 Baiza, and so on. Therefore, first slab of 10 Baisa will be extended for two months.

Q3. How do I make sure that the bill reading is actual?

A3: you can compare the reading shown in your bill with the reading available at your premise’s meter.

Q4: What is the main reason that leads to higher consumption value and why customers complain in the summer rather than rest of the year?

A4: Consumption value increases when the use of appliances that consumes more energy increases, notably air conditioners. When the temperature increases, these appliances will consume more energy.

Q5: In the case of delayed recording of meter reading for any reason; for example, due to Eid vacation and I receive a bill for 40 days, how is this treated?

A5: the calculation is based on consumption days. For 40 days, the first tariff slab will be extended to 4000 for 10 Baisa etc. You can also pay part of the bill and carry over the remainder to the next month whose bill will be for 20 days and low compared to the previous bill.

Q6: Will arrears accumulation result in power outage?

A6: We contact the subscriber to remind him several times and send text messages. You can communicate with the company and coordinate payment mechanism of arrears to avoid power outage.

Q7: How can I guarantee my rights and ensure quality of bills that reach me?

A7: you can do that through several ways. First, you should register your mobile number with the company so you will be contacted if we couldn’t get actual reading,

The company is currently putting a reading card at each meter on which meter reader records the meter reading in both, our system and the reading card. This enables you to compare the reading recorded in the bill with that on the card.

Q8: What should I do if I received a power disconnection warning or an estimate bill while am outside home; for example, on vacation?

A8: You can contact the company through the call center and the company will consider that.

Q9. What should I do if I observed that the meter reading is irregular?

A9: You can contact us through the contact center and inform us about the matter or you can submit your own meter read to our Contact Center WhatApp number +968 91774177. We trust you!

Q10: Despite all that has been explained, I think that the bill includes a mistake, what should I do?

A10: Submit your inquiry through our contact center and we will take care of it.

Q11: In fact, I have doubt about my meter accuracy; what should I do?

A11: You can request meter test for OMR 10/=. We will visit the property and do the test. If the meter is not working/accurate, we will replace the meter and return your meter test fees.

Q12: If I am convinced with the bill, but having difficulty in paying it, what should I do?

A12: You can pay it in several instalments during 60 days. In case you need more time to make a payment, contact us and we will help

You can also request a flat payment option that will help you manage your electricity budget by paying a fixed monthly amount based on your average consumption per year.

Q13: In the case of any other inquiries, where should I go?

A13: The easiest and fastest way is to contact the Contact Center on 80077771

Q14: How can I reduce the value of the bill?

A14: Through efficient use of electricity consumption, you can find more by downloading the Efficient use of electricity Code of Practice, click here to get it