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January 14th 2012

The Executive Committee to Regulate Scrap Trade Holds First Meeting  

Muscat, January 14th 2012 - In a nationwide collaboration to control the illegal trade of scrap metals in the Sultanate, the Executive Committee to Regulate Scrap Trade convened its first meeting at Mazoon Electricity Company. A rising concern across all sectors, the Committee set an action plan to ensure the implementation of scrap trade regulations as well educate the public on the laws and procedures. To that end, specialized sub-committees have been formed in all Governorates across the Sultanate to oversee the scrap businesses. 

“The time has come to bring the rule of law to this business”, said Eng. Abdullah bin Said Al Badri, Mazoon Electricity General Manager and Chairman of the Executive Committee. “Recent years have witnessed an increase in the theft and vandalism of public properties directly affecting the electricity sector in addition to the commerce, industry and service sectors and resulting in human losses as well as substantial asset damages”.   

He added, “The welfare of society is the Committee’s number one priority.  We are therefore presenting a united front to instill the principals of social responsibility within the general public and raise their awareness on the ramifications of illegal scarp trade.”

Public and private entities participating in the nationwide initiative will work hand in hand to ensure the implementation of the legal directives set for the trade of scrap including business licenses and infrastructure requirements. The Royal Oman Police and Municipality will further conduct routine inventory checks on scrap businesses while maintaining video surveillance as well as monitoring vehicle specifications. 

An awareness campaign is scheduled to launch later this year focusing on the implications of theft and vandalism on public properties which will be closely monitored by the Executive Committee through monthly progress development meetings.  The Committee encompasses representatives from the Royal Oman Police, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resource, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Manpower, Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Public Prosecution Office in addition to Municipality representatives from the Governorates. Members also include, Authority for Electricity Regulations Mazoon Electricity Company, Majan Electricity Company, Rural Areas Electricity Company, Muscat Electricity Distribution Company and Oman Electricity Transmission Company.