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20 of May 2012

Mazoon Electricity Company Reinforces Its Efforts To Instill An Energy-Saving Culture

Muscat, May 2012 – Mazoon Electricity Company reinforced its efforts to instill an energy-saving culture in by engaging customers in an extensive awareness campaign throughout the Governorates of Dakhiliyah, North and South Sharqiya and South Al Batinah. Entitled “Reduce Energy Consumption for More Electricity and Less Cost”, the initiative highlights electricity efficiency measures, HSE policies and practices adopted by the company as well as the value-added of services provided by Mazoon Electricity.

Aiming to raise the public’s awareness on the importance of conserving power, the campaign will include interactive events and workshops conducted in coordination with various government organizations and private companies. To that end, Mazoon Electricity Company has planned a series of targeted discussion sessions at the Omani Woman’s Associations showcasing ways to save electricity while underlining the dangers of misuse of electricity appliances and outlets at home. In collaboration with the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, Friday prayer sermons will further call people to preserve energy and respect public properties and safeguard people’s lives

“Such initiatives and activities are an integral part of Mazoon Electricity Company’s social responsibility programs. Our goal is to promote preserving the country’s energy resources and see the results of our collaborative efforts with customers translated into safe use of electricity,"Salim Said Al Kamyani, Commercial Affairs Manager". 

He added, “In addition to the conventional print and broadcast media, this year’s campaign will engage customers through twitter and facebook. One-on-one meetings will also be conducted with customers to discuss the company’s service portfolio as well as matters relating to health, safety and environment and recommendations brought forth by the public.”

Opening new channels of communication with customers, Mazoon Electricity Company will conduct workshops for the Walis, Sheikhs and key community leaders of its licensed regions to continue to update them on the progress of the campaign and the various initiatives to be implemented.