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18th of March 2012

Mazoon Electricity Warns Customers Against The Danger Of Unauthorized Electricity Connections

Byline: Khulood Al Fazariya

Oman Newspaper

The usage of unauthorized electrical connections can result in fires and the accidental shock of passersby and citizens of the area. The chances of mishaps increase in the event of rains and when the insulation of the wires has been tempered with.

Engineer Nasser bin Khalid Al Rashidi, the Regional Director of Mazoon Electricity Company for the Governorate of South Al Batinah, pointed out that the use of non-secure connections is not limited to a certain segment, but this phenomenon is found more in the developing urban plans. This is especially true in buildings under construction where electricity is extended from neighboring houses to use on site and in labor camps. Some people also resort to connect their water pumps incorrectly with no regard of the company’s branch in the region.

Lack of awareness is the number one component which drives people to engage in risky activities, highlighted Engineer Al Rashidi. Mazoon Electricity has taken great precaution with connections to prevent the extension of joint electricity wires to neighboring properties, or add any other loads without reference to the professionals of the company.

In situations such as these, Al Rashidi confirms, that the company offers alternative solutions to maintain the safety of customers and the public, to prevent them from resorting to illegal measures. A contractor can request temporary connection be put in place, a safe and legal way to ensure electricity is provided on the work site.

Engineer Al Rashidi appeals to the public to maintain the safety of their children and families by staying away from unauthorized connections, and from irresponsible actions that may lead to compromising people’s lives and properties. It is imperative that all persons head to the nearest office of the company concerned to obtain a temporary and secure connection. Engineer Al Rashidi encourages everyone to report any abuse of this kind in order to preserve the lives of individuals by contacting the call center on Mazoon Electricity Company’s toll free number 80077771.

Al Rashidi points out that the company periodically conducts field visits to all its sites and network areas in order to ensure the safety and protection of the public. It is imperative for everyone involved to cooperate with the company on this framework in order to prevent any illegal doings.

Engineer Al Rashidi stressed the importance of educating the public on the dangers of illegal connections. The company is currently gearing up for a comprehensive awareness campaign aimed at educating the community on the rationalization of electricity consumption and also addressing the risks of electricity. The campaign will include schools, sports clubs and women's associations in addition to a number of interactive events. More information on the campaign will be made available through the local newspapers and the company’s website .