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Geographical Coverage

Al Dakhilyah Governorate

With its location and topography, Al Dakhilyah consists of the great plateau down from the mountain slopes of Jabal Al Akhdhar from the north in the direction of the desert southward, contacting most regions of the Sultanate. It adjoins Al Sharqiyah from the east, Al Dhahirah region from the west, Al Wusta region from the south and Muscat and Al Batinah from the North. It has total population of about 235,337 Omanis and 31,803 expatriates, according to the 2003 census. Al Dakhilyah includes eight willayats: Nizwa, Sumail, Bahla, Adam, Al Hamra, Manah, Izki and Bid Bid. Nizwa is the regional center and it is about 164 kilometers far from Muscat. The company has 6 offices in Al Dakhilyah.

South and North Al Sharqiyah Governorate

Al Sharqiyah region represents the north eastern front of the Sultanate of Oman, overlooking the Arabian Sea from the east. It includes the interior side the Hajar Mountains from the north, adjoining Rimal Al Sharqiyah from the south and Al Dakhilyah from the west. It has a population of about 264,090 Omanis and 48,618 expatriates, totaling 312,708 people, according to 2003 Census. Al Sharqiyah region includes eleven willayats: Sur, Ibra, Bidiya, Al Qabel, Al Mudhibi, Dema-w-Al Taein, Al Kamel& Al Wafi, Jaalan Bani Bu-Ali, Jaalan Bani Bu-Hassan, Wadi Bani Khalid and Masirah . The company has 3 offices in South Al Sharqiyah region and 4 offices in North Al Sharqiyah region .

South Al Batinah Governorate

Al Batinah region rests in the north of Muscat, the capital. Al Batinah is considered a connecting link between the major parts of Oman and Governorate of Musandam, located in the extreme north, and UAE. It has a population of 653,000 or 28% of the total population of the Sultanate. It is considered one of the largest areas in terms of population and is divided into two parts: South Al Batinah and Al Batinah North. It enjoys a population density of 52.3 people per one kilo meter. South Al Batinah Willayats are Al Rustaq, Barka, Al Suwaiq, Al Musanah, Al Awabi, Nakhal, and Wadi Al Ma`awel. Al Batinah is confined between the foothills of the Hajar Mountains and the Gulf of Oman eastward. The coastal plain is about 25 km wide. The company has 5 offices in South Al Batinah.